David Spangler

Mohawk Ambulance Service
Guilderland, New York

David Spangler was hired as an EMT in 2012 and has worked at Mohawk Ambulance Service for over four years. David graduated from SUNY at Buffalo Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, David moved to Guilderland, New York and decided that he wanted to gain real life experience, so he began his career in the field of emergency medical services. David received his Certificate in Paramedicine from Hudson Valley Community College and in 2015 was promoted to Paramedic.

In December of 2015, David received one of Mohawk Ambulance Services Distinguished Service Awards. He enjoys working in a fast paced, demanding career that requires a high level of medical knowledge and hands-on training.

In his spare time, David enjoys hiking the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains and is close to completing all 46 peaks over 4,000 feet.

2016 | Mohawk Ambulance Service | NY

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